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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Medical Waste Disposal Maryland

Medical Waste Disposal Maryland

Looking For Affordable Medical Waste Disposal?

Maryland's best Medical Waste Disposal Company. Are you looking for affordable medical waste disposal in Maryland? Maybe you need Needle or Biohazard waste disposal? If so, contact Secure Waste, we are the leading provider for Maryland medical waste disposal services and other hazardous waste management. SWI has been providing these services in Maryland for over 10 years, we specialize in medical waste disposal management, biohazard disposal, sharps needle waste disposal and plenty more. We are currently ranked #1 in our medical waste services to our customers and carry a 5 Star rating, here is what our customers are saying  -

"Cost effective, dependable, it just gets done..."
Joan Irvine (Practice Administrator) Olney, MD

"I am extremely pleased with the price and timely response for service..." 
Norman Lockshin, MD (Dermatology) Silver Spring, MD

"Doing Business has been a pleasure from the start. We didn't feel locked in for a service we didn't need,reasonably priced, personable and professional..."Sheri Hamersley, MD & Wayne Kramer, MD (Maternal Fetal Medicine Associates of Maryland, High Risk OB) Rockville, MD

We have a 5 Star Rating within our industry. This rating is provided by our customers & internal networking groups, there is a difference and that difference is Secure Waste, Inc.

From our customers, taking into account, the time you have worked with Secure Waste, Inc. Based on these 10 most critical points of our service. On a scale of 1-5, how would you rate your working relationship with us?
PStaff, Drivers & Administrative- Knowledge?
PStaff, Drivers & Administrative - Courtesy & Friendliness?
PEnvironmental Safety & Compliance?
PPromptness of service?
PRecord Keeping?
PReturn Phone Calls?
PFollowing Up, with issues?

Provided are 5 customers who give us, a FIVE STAR rating! Contact Secure Waste today, and upon request, we will provide as many references as you want.
Joan Irvine (Practice Administrator) Olney, Maryland -  5 Stars
GW Oncology Assoc - Jessie, Silver Spring,Maryland 5 Stars
Norman Lockshin, MD (Dermatology) Silver Spring, Maryland -  5 Stars
Gastroenterology & Assoc - Abi - Virginia -5 Stars
Sheri Hamersley, MD & Wayne Kramer, MD -Rockville, Maryland -  5 Stars

So, if medical waste disposal is needed, then contact us today, other great things about Secure Waste, No long-term contracts for waste disposal, no hidden fee's or monthly fee's, these are just a few of things we offer to our customers, day in and day out for Medical waste disposal in Maryland, Virginia & Washington DC

Medical Waste Disposal Richmond Virginia

Contact us today for a FREE no hassle quote on Waste Disposal  in Maryland and see how we can SAVE you money and time, while still providing a compliant medical waste disposal service.

North Carolina - Maryland - Washington DC - Virginia

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