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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

North Carolina Funeral Home Biohazard Disposal

Need Biohazard Waste Disposal In North Carolina Funeral Home, Secure Has You Covered?

Components of Safe Biohazard Waste Management in a North Carolina Funeral Home 

When it comes to managing Biohazard Infectious waste in North Carolina funeral homes, disposing of the potentially infectious waste stream can be overwhelming. However if you use Secure Waste, we understand the main components of safe hazardous waste management, you will be on your way to running a compliant, safe funeral home that is keeping up with all regulations.

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 Types of Funeral Home Medical Waste

Listed below are the most common types of medical waste found in funeral homes.
  • Sharps waste, such as needles.
  • Materials such as gauze 4x4s and gowns that accompany the deceased to the funeral home.
  • Materials used in the preparation room such as disposable gloves, gauze and tubing.

Funeral Home Waste Must Be Properly Segmented

The National Funeral Directors Association issued a document entitled Funeral Home Medical Waste Protocol. This includes a list of wastes not classified as medical waste that must be disposed of by other means. These include, but are not limited to:
  • Pharmaceutical Waste
  • Chemical Waste
  • Radioactive Waste
  • Bulk Chemotherapy Waste
Then there are wastes types like trace-contaminated chemotherapy waste, which differ from bulk or unused chemotherapy drug waste.

An example of this would be used chemotherapy drug vials that could potentially accompany the deceased to a funeral home. In many states this type of waste can be placed in the biohazard waste bins that are picked up by your medical waste company.

Pathological wastes such as bodily fluids or tissue, often must be segregated or labeled separately from your biohazard waste because of the method used for properly disposing of such waste. Rather than an autoclave, this type of waste often needs to be incinerated to ensure all potentially infectious material has been destroyed. 

If your medical waste hauler determines that pathological waste has been mixed with other biohazard waste then they may be forced to treat all waste as if it were pathological, which could result in an increased cost passed on to the funeral home.

Most important of all, biohazardous waste must be properly packaged in leak-proof containers that are properly labeled. Any sharps waste such as needles or syringes must be first placed in a rigid, puncture-proof container before being placed in the red biohazard bag.

North Carolina Tattoo Needle, Sharps And Biohazard Waste Disposal Services

Looking for a compliant Tattoo and Biohazard disposal service in North Carolina?

Contact Secure Waste for all your North Carolina Tattoo Biohazard and Needle disposal needs.
North Carolina Tattoo & Piercing Biohazard Waste Solutions and Medical Sharps waste management for Tattoo facilities. If you want to comply with medical waste regulations in North Carolina and reduce cost, Secure Waste offers a Full-Service Tattoo biohazard program that is very convenient for smaller generators in North Carolina.

Our Biohazard Sharps management is the perfect solution to the sometimes confusing job of handling Tattoo needles and Infectious medical waste.

Secure Waste offers a system that includes everything the Tattoo Artist needs to properly manage their Sharps and Regulated Medical Waste in NC. You pay per biohazard box; there are no other hidden costs.
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Most Tattoo Artist has sharps, sharps containers, needles and other medical waste such as gloves generated from their work. The improper handling and disposal can lead to needle sticks or spread of disease not only for those using health care products, but for anyone finding them including other clients, children and the general public. Needle sticks can result in diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis, and Syphilis. To keep Tattoo Sharps and other potentially infectious waste out of the trash, and therefore prevent the spread of disease, proper disposal is needed.
Medical Waste Disposal Richmond Virginia

Don’t risk the safety of your tattoo customers or employees or subject your facility to non-compliance and possible fines in North Carolina. Our biohazard services are cost-effective alternatives to traditional waste hauling services and allow you to manage your studio in a safe and compliant manner.

Biohazard waste defined as anything that comes into contact with bodily fluids (such as blood, mucus, plasma, semen, etc.) that cannot be sterilized needs to be disposed of as biohazard regulated medical waste. Tattoo needles definitely are considered Regulated Medical Waste. If not disposed of properly, this kind of hazardous waste can be very harmful to others and the environment.

Needles, whether from a tattoo shop or a doctor or dentist’s office, should always share the same final resting place, in an approved sharps container.  When that sharps container needs to be disposed of, promptly contact Secure Waste, we will handle with safety and regulatory compliance in mind.