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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Local Sharps Disposal Company

Sharps Disposal Company

Maryland | Washington DC | Virginia

Sharps Disposal Company

If you are looking for a Sharps Disposal Company, look no further. Secure Waste, provides Sharps Needle waste disposal in Maryland, Virginia & Washington DC. With over 15 years in the business, Secure Waste is the HealthCare Providers #1 choice in the Washington Metro Area for Biohazard waste management.

We service thousands of customers on a monthly basis for all types of Hazardous waste disposal.
-Sharps Waste Disposal-Sharps Container Sales
-Needle Waste Management
-Biohazard Disposal
-Universal Waste
-And Plenty More

 Medical Sharps Waste Disposal

Improperly handling or securing used Sharps/Needles and medical sharps for disposal allows used needles, syringes and other medical sharps to pose a health risk to the public,
health care providers and the environment

Loose used needles thrown illegally into household and other trash containers and bags expose waste management workers to the potential of needle sticks and occupational exposure to blood borne pathogens.

This illegal disposal of used needles and syringes may result in the transmission of HIV, Aids, Hepatitis, and other serious blood borne illnesses. Secure Waste has many waste disposal solutions, to help minimize risk and environmental exposure.

Sharp Needle Disposal for Home Use

Secure Waste also has Sharps Mail-back solutions, mail-back Sharps services are a good safe way to dispose of low volumes of used needles and syringes. Sharps Mail-back services are an economical time saver. New sharps containers are mailed to the home and when full of used needles and syringes mailed back for destruction.

Medical Waste Disposal Maryland

Contact us today for a FREE no hassle quote and see how we can SAVE you money and time, while still providing a compliant medical waste disposal service.

Secure Waste

Maryland - Washington DC - Virginia

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  1. Thanks for discussing the important thing. These Sharps Disposal Companies though have to abide by the rules and regulations in place. They have to be authorized by the state and federal agency overseeing the treatment and disposal of medical sharps. Doctors and hospitals should therefore check if the medical Sharps Disposal Company they would be working with is properly accredited by state and federal agencies. Www.SecureWaste.Net