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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Quarterly Biohazard Waste Service

I only need a quarterly medical waste service, one box per pick-up. What should I do?

We get this question often. Most small health care providers do not need a monthly pick-up or a bi-weekly pick-up. So they choose a quarterly service.
Now the problem is, larger Medical Waste Disposal companies will have certain requirements and special hidden fee’s built into the service. At Secure Waste, we do not operate like this. If you choose a quarterly pick-up, no worries, we will even contact you before the service date, just to check in. If you do not need a pick-up, we will check on you next time.

All this and no hidden fees or charges, no pick-up, you pay nothing. We also have many customers, who choose our will-call service, you call when you need a pick-up. Once a year, twice a year, no problem.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and we will not demand any more, then you have for us.

Medical Biohazard Waste Management Company MD-DC-Va

Medical Waste And Sharps Disposal
Serving Maryland,Virginia and Washington D.C.

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